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  • Salad Greens

    Did you catch Poh on TV. 

  • School Holiday Fun

    animal farm jumping castle.JPG

    With school holidays this month we've come up with a few options to entertain the kids at our Showground and Gawler Farmers' Markets. With puppet shows, reptile displays and bouncy castles you can find more details of what's on on in Gawler here and what's on at the Showground here.

  • Market Maps

    A reminder that maps of the inside and outside market are now available from the Information Stand plus a series of FREE recipe cards.  Our thanks to Lyndall Vandenberg of for providing the recipes.  Visit the Information Stand inside the market pavillion next to the demonstration kitchen to pick up copies.







  • Fruit fly outbreak

    You may have heard that fruit fly have been found in Adelaide. Fruit flies are amongst the world’s worst pests attacking fruit, fruiting vegetables, ornamentals and some nuts. South Australia is the only mainland state in Australia that is fruit fly free.

    Fruit fly larvae (maggots) damage the fruit internally, causing it to ripen prematurely and rot. Up to 100% of fruit crops may be damaged by fruit fly when infestations are uncontrolled. When fruit fly is detected in South Australia, Biosecurity SA immediately declares an outbreak.

    The Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market is located within the Suspension Area which is a restricted area within 7.5 km of the current fruit fly outbreak at Clarence Gardens. 

    We are continuing to liaise with PIR.SA and our stallholders to ensure that we are doing everything possible to prevernt spread of the fly. The restricted area has been declared is to stop the fly, eggs, maggots and pupa from being moved by people inadvertently transporting host fruit, vegetables or green waste. Movement of fruit and fruiting vegetables out of this area poses a high risk and to help stop the spread of the outbreak, so movement of these items are restricted. 

    Fruit and fruiting vegetables exposed to the environment (i.e. on display at the farmers’ market or a shop) MUST NOT be taken out of the restricted area. 

    This means that:
    - Customers who live within the 7.5km radius can shop at the market as usual and take any purchases home with them;
    - Customers who live outside the 7.5km radius can only take home purchases of fruit and fruiting vegetables if they have been pre-packed by stallholders at their properties outside of the restricted area, and remain sealed within a fruit fly proof plastic bag while at the market and in transit within the restricted area. You can find more information here