Apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums and homemade apple juice

Ashbourne Valley Orchards nestles between Meadows and Goolwa on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The family orchard is home to over 30,000 fruit trees on 12 hectares of land. The Boag family grow apples, cherries, peaches, plums and also produce delicious homemade apple juice, apple cider vinegar, quince jelly and paste.

The ‘friendly bugs’ of integrated pest management control unwanted intruders. This environmentally-sensitive approach provides protection for frogs and worms in the orchard. The trees grow under permanent netting with 

The fruit is seasonal with peaches ripening in December and producing until late January, followed by cherries until March. Apples, pears and quinces grow from February until June. The Boags grow five heritage pear varieties unique to Ashbourne Valley Orchards: the Charles Ernest, Belle, Durondeau, Comice and Beurre Hardy.

Their white-fleshed heritage peaches are picked at full ripeness, so they are ready to be eaten within a few days of purchase. These fresh-picked peaches have an unsurpassed flavour you wont find in the supermarkets.

Ashbourne Valley’s apples will keep you coming back to the Market week after week! The Bonza variety is very versatile and an excellent eating, juicing or cooking apple. They also sell the NZ  Braeburn variety as well as Pink Lady and Fuji apples. Pressing the apples on Friday allows the juice to settle just in time for the Sunday market.

Find Ashbourne Valley outside at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.