Premium quality flours from one of Australia's oldest mills

Cummins Mill & Butterfields Farm Direct Stockfeeds are one of Australia’s oldest operating mills. Top quality, 100% South Australian flour from Cummins is a great way to support local farmers.

This family owned mill has a delicious range of flours and pre-mixes, all milled exclusively from local growers who meet the Cummins ‘Gold Grain Standard’. Cummins only use clean, green growers. Their wheat is glyphosate-free and naturally ripened in South Australia’s grain belt of the Eyre Penninsula. 

The range includes: self raising and plain flours, soft white bread pre-mix, crusty white bread pre-mix, wholemeal bread pre-mix, soy and linseed bread pre-mix and also pizza dough flour. In addition, Cummins Milling produces a range of premium animal feeds, including rodent and chicken pellets. 

Available every week, inside the pavilion at Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market.