Biodynamically raised goat meat, sausages and ham

In 2005 Gunter and his wife, Monika and their three children moved to Australia from Germany and settled on a farm in Inman Valley producing goat meat, yabbies and poultry.

Gunter grew up on goat’s milk in Germany, which prompted the idea to keep goats – a practical choice as they are smaller than cattle and smarter than sheep.

Their animals are raised on biodynamic principles in a natural and healthy environment and they focus on natural and sustainable production. They want to preserve and improve the biodiversity of their property in harmony with farming. Happy animals are healthy and the meat and eggs are more flavoursome.

They have a passion for artisan produce and are inspired by the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach. In 1850 he coined the phrase “One is what one eats” (or “We are what we eat”).

Their products include fresh goat meat, goat sausage, goat ham, yabbies and real free range eggs all sold at their stall outside the pavilion at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market fortnightly.