Wild caught fish and seafood, sustainably fished using hand lines.

Wild caught seafood from Corny Point on South Australia’s York Peninsula.

Professional fisherman Peter Tsolkas always loved fishing. After travelling the world as Captain of many different vessels, Peter returned to Corny Point and established his own sustainable fishing business.

Passionate about sustainability and protecting our marine environment, Peter spends two days a week at sea. Peter fishes exclusively with hand-lines and processes his catch on premise at his Corny Point property. This allows him to ensure complete quality control.

Yorke’s Seafood has a range of fresh fish available depending on the season including: calamari, whiting, snapper, snook, mackeral, trevali, garfish and nanoguy. They also sell frozen fish to stock up your freezer. Peter also produces pickled calamari with Mediterranean flavours, marinated fish shaslik’s and fish cakes

Find Peter’s sister Angela selling this week’s catch every Sunday at the Farmers’ Market, inside the pavilion.